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Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing


The Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a hearing at 5:30 P.M. on June 27, 2017, At Saluda Town Hall on the continuation of the appeal:

Appeal No. 2017-01 by Mr. Rodney Minick and Mr. Gregg and Nelle Coats to allow the placement of a mobile commercial kitchen as permanent or for undefined time at 308 A N. Jennings St..  Tax Map # 079-17-06-001 zoned Highway Commercial.

Section 3.4 Temporary Structures, 3.4.3 Temporary Sales or Events


Documents relating to these appeals are available for public inspection at the office of the Zoning Administrator at the Saluda Town Hall.

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to Jun 27


RE: Bid for Demolition of Blighted Properties in Town of Saluda

The following is the basic information we will need on your bid.  Attached is the form we want you to utilize for submitting your bid.

  • Time frame to complete demolition
  • Break down of cost per property, including: (do not submit a one lump sum for all properties)

o   Abatement cost for the hazardous material

o   Air Monitoring cost (if needed)

o   Demolition Cost

o   Cost to Clear debris/garbage

o   Grading and seeding

Below is the list of properties involved and ready for demolish bids.  The demolition will not take place until given the go ahead by Town of Saluda.  The test results on the asbestos and lead paint are provided as well as the form you will use to submit your bid.

 408 South Jefferson Street

233 Bowie Avenue


236 Graham Street

201 E. Eutaw Street

203 W. Eutaw Street

257 Bowie Avenue

104 Edwards Avenue

241 Bowie Avenue

If your company is selected we will need the below information on your company and any sub-contractor you will be utilizing.  You must provide proof of:

o   Valid business and/or contractor’s license

o   Liability Insurance

o   Worker Compensation

o   Must not be listed on the federal debarment list (we will check this list)

Please feel free to contact Tom Brooks or Nicole Maffett if you have any questions or concerns at (864) 445-3522.  Thank you in advanced for submitting your bid!      

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